Send orders by FTP

You can transfer orders to lagersystem by FTP, using our XML order format. Each file describes one order. Preferredly each file is named as orderid.xml. Order files are uploaded into the folder named new-orders. When lagersystem hasprocessedtheinputfile,it will be removed from the ftp folder. FTP credentials will be provided by your lagersystem contact. File must be in unicode UTF-8. Before using any shipment and payment types, make sure that your lagersystem installation isconfiguredto supportthetypesused, ie. Before using PostNord shipments, pacsoft api credentials need to be present in lagersystem to produce a shipping label.

Below you will find a complete list of all fields and their possible values.

You can see example file here.
Field Datatype Mandatory Description
OrderID Integer Yes Numeric order identifier, must be unique. Max integer 4294967295.
OrderTimestamp Datetime Yes Timestamp for initial order placement. Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Customer → Name String Yes Name of customer (or contact if company)
Customer → Address String Yes Streetname and number etc.
Customer → Address2 String No Street 2
Customer → City String Yes Cityname
Customer → ZipCode String Yes Zipcode of customer
Customer → Email String Yes Valid email of customer
Customer → Phone String No Phone no.
Customer → CompanyNumber Integer No VAT No in case of company
Customer → CompanyName String No Name of company
Customer → CountryID String Yes ISO 3166-1 alfa-2 country identifier
ShipTo → Name String Yes Recipient name or contact
ShipTo → Address String Yes Delivery street
ShipTo → Address2 String No Delivery street2
ShipTo → City String Yes Delivery city
ShipTo → ZipCode String Yes Delivery zipcode
ShipTo → Email String Yes/No Email for pickup person. Mandatory for deposit services.
ShipTo → Phone String Yes/No Phone for pickup person. Mandatory for deposit services.
ShipTo → CompanyName String No Name of company
ShipTo → CountryID String Yes Country of shipping destination. ISO 3166-1 alfa-2.
ShipTo → DepositID Integer No Numeric identifier of the deposit/pakkeshop/udleveringssted
InternalNote String No Internal note for warehouse staff, ie. ”order has been delayed, please add free items” or ”dont ship until monday”.
ShipmentNote String Yes/No Note from customer to add on shipment label, mandatory for shipment types with hand-off if not home.
Ref String No Additional Reference
CurrencyCode String Yes Currency of order.
ShippingPrice Price Yes Price charged for shipment. Can be 0 if not charged.
OrderTotal Price Yes Grand total of order including shipping price, payment fees and VAT. Important for orders that need live payment capture.
Payment → Type Enum String Yes Possible types are:
- nopayment
- quickpay
- epay
- dandomain
- icepay
- klarna
- paymill
Payment → TransactionID String Yes/No Mandatory for all payment types except NoPayment.
ShipmentType Enum String Yes See table below.
Lines → Line → Title String Yes Product title
Lines → Line → UnitPrice Price Yes Product price per unit.
Lines → Line → VatPct Integer No VAT amount for item, defaulting to 25% if not present.
Lines → Line → Itemnumber String Yes Itemnumber of product.
Lines → Line → UOM String(10) No Unit of Measurement (Default STK)
Lines → Line → Amount Integer Yes Quantity of product
Lines → Line → ImageURL URL No If present, an product image will be displayed for warehouse personnel when picking order.
Lines → Line → TextLine Boolean No If present, the line will be considered a textline.

Shipment Types

Code   Description
postdk_direct  => PostNord Hjemmelevering
postdk_pickup => PostNord Pakkeshop
postdk_erhverv => PostNord Erhverv
postdk_varebrev => PostNord Varebrev-Udland
gls_direct => GLS Hjemmelevering
gls_pickup => GLS Pakkeshop
gls_erhverv => GLS Erhverv
bring_direct  => Bring Hjemmelevering
bring_pickup => Bring Pakkeshop
bring_erhverv  => Bring Erhverv
dao_direct  => DAO356 Hjemmelevering
dao_pickup => DAO356 Pakkeshop
dfm => Danske Fragtmænd
ups => UPS International
dhlexpress => DHL Express
pickup => Afhentning