Send products by FTP

This document descibes how products can be exchanged in a CSV file by FTP upload. Lagersystem will read the file hourly for product updates. Obiviously the more frequently that you provide the file, the more updated the information is for the warehousepersonnel. Upload frequincies range from each 5 minutes to daily, depending on your needs.

File must be in unicode UTF-8 and seperated by ; and may be quoted with ” (double qoutes). And shound not contain a header line.
FTP credentials will be provided by your lagersystem contact person, and is required to be named items.csv in items folder of ftp account.
Below you will find a complete list and description of fields in file.
All fields are mandatory.
Field No Field Name Datetype Description
1 Itemumber String Itemnumber of the product
2 Title String Name of product
3 Barcode String Barcode of item, often in EAN format.
4 Inventory Count Integer Amount in stock
5 Inventory Timestamp Datetime Timestamp of last change in stock count for this item. Displayed for warehouse personnel. Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS